Complete Online Roulette Guide


Hardly you can think of a casino game that is more easily recognizable than roulette. The all-time classic table game delivers a second-to-none gambling experience to both total rookies and regular players thanks to its innate simplicity. Still, this should not leave you under the impression that roulette is stodgy. It is quite the opposite as the roulette wheel is capable of creating a truly amazing gambling experience.

In the event that you are still a greenhorn at playing roulette and you prefer placing your bets over the Internet, perhaps, you will be delighted to find out that have prepared for you this online roulette guide that will definitely lay the foundations you need in order to play the game.

Basic Roulette Rules

Being a casino game that is suitable for both total rookies and experienced players, roulette features very simple rules. At the beginning of every round, you will be required to choose chip denomination and place your bet on the area of the betting layout that corresponds to the type of bet you are intended to place. Gambling enthusiasts should know that they are enabled to place their bets on an individual number, on black or red, or on a group of numbers from the betting layout. Once you have made up your mind and you have placed your chips on the respective area of the betting layout, the small white ball will start rolling in the roulette wheel which has already started spinning as well. After the white ball has started rolling, interactive players will not be allowed to place more bets.

The round will come to an end when the ball lands in any of the pockets from the roulette wheel. In the event that the bet you have placed is a winning one, you will get a payout, depending on the odds and the size of the bet you have made.

Roulette Variations

One of the most important things you should not forget about roulette is that the classic casino game has several variations that come with their distinctive traits. The three major roulette variants include American, French, and European. When it comes to European roulette, you need to know that this was the very first roulette variation that saw the light of the day. The wheel features pockets that contain the numbers from 1 to 36. There is also a single-zero pocket that represents the advantage the casino has over you. While playing this particular roulette variation, the house edge you will enjoy is 2.7%.

American roulette is the other major variation of the table game we should pay more attention to. Unlike European roulette, in American roulette, there are 38 pockets due to the fact that there is an additional double-zero pocket. As you can probably guess, this means that the edge the house enjoys is also increased, which definitely does not work to gamblers’ advantage.

French roulette also lists among the most popular roulette variants. The roulette wheel resembles the one that can be found in the European variation of the classic game as it also comes with 37 pockets and there is a single-zero pocket. The major difference stems from the fact that while you play French roulette, you will be allowed to place several special bets that are unavailable in the other variations of the table game.

Roulette RTP

Return To Player or RTP is a term that is used to describe the theoretical payout percentage of a specific game depending on the money you have staked. In other words, if a game comes with an RTP of 97%, this will mean that if you have staked £100, for example, you should expect to get back £97. Still, roulette lovers should bear in mind that the value of the RTP will only be accurate after an extended period of time.

With that being said, interactive players should know that the RTP of each game is also related to its house edge. If we take European roulette in which the house edge is 2.7%, the RTP of the game will be calculated in the following way 100-2.7=97.30, meaning that the RTP of this particular roulette variation is 97.30%. Therefore, the RTP of American roulette will be 94.74%.